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The Syllabus for this class is available here.

Make your first website mockup real.

Click here for the source code we will use in class.

If you need help with coding this webpage refer to www.w3schools.com.

If you want a program to help with building websites you may consider Aptana Studio or PSPad.

If you need a free application for editing webpages you may want to check out: PSPad or Nvu

If you want a free graphic software for pixel based graphics try Gimp.

If you want a free vector based graphic software try Inkscape.

HTML Test 1

Create the following:

A heading 1 with "HTML Test 1" at the top

A Paragraph with a brief bio of yourself:
Name(heading 2)
Unordered list of at least 5 things (character traits, accomplishments, etc.)

Copy the bio and comment out all the text of the copy.

Create a table with the following:
2 columns
2 rows
1 image in each row with a description in the corresponding columns
one description needs to be Bold
one description needs to be italic

A small paragraph of preformatted text

Links to google (red text with larger font) and yahoo (blue text with smaller size).

A form with the following:

Form name="input" 

Input text field for submitting "Your Name"
Radio Button for "Male" and "Female"
Check Box for "True" or "False"
Button for "Submit" 

The Design Process:

  1. Conceptualize
  2. Thumbnail Drawings
  3. Mock-ups Set 1
  4. Mock-ups Set 2
  5. Final Design

Topics we will cover during the term:

What is freedom?

What is total freedom?

Perspective Photos



Projects we may complete this term:

Digital Design Major Projects:

(Modifications may be made during the term)

Each project must be handed in on its due date. Grades on late assignments will be lowered by one full letter, unless prior arrangements are made. Late projects will not be accepted after the following class period. Each project is to be presented in one of the following formats, unless otherwise stated:

Each project must meet the given requirements. Grades for each project are subjective we will have in class critique sessions to better aid each student in preparing his/her work.


  1. Design with basic polygons:
    1. Design with Squares
      • Create New Document 8” x 8"
      • Create a Square
      • Use duplicate squares to create a simple design with a 3 dimensional feeling and motion
    2. Spiral ovals with few colors
      • Create New Document 8” x 8”
      • Create Black Square Background
      • Create a Perfect Circle for outline
      • Create Oval vertical
      • Copy and paste and rotate until 8 ovals total
      • Color ovals Blue, Yellow, Red and Green
      • Create 3 variations
  2. Using Line as a Design Element
    • Draw a scene similar to Figure 4.6 on page 73 of the text book.
      1. The drawing should consist of a scene that utilizes perspective. There should be objects or shapes in the foreground and the background. All lines should lead to the centralized point of view.
      2. Use various thicknesses of line to illustrate volume in the final drawing.
      3. Scan this image into illustrator and copy it onto new layers.
  3. C is for cat Alphabet creation
    • Refer to hand out
  4. Circuit City
    1. Recreate a computer card in Illustrator
    2. Matte completed work
  5. Design with contours, shadows and gradients
    1. Create a Media Player Skin (refer to The Skins Factory)
      • Draw your own unique version of a Media Player Skin
      • Draw at least 60 thumbnails
      • Develop a theme/concept
      • Include a gradient in your player
      • In class critique
      • Create final Media Player Skin Illustrator
      • Matte completed work
    2. View the completed Media Player Skins here.
  6. Create Computer Desktop Buttons (refer to “The Skins Factory”)
    • Draw your own unique versions of the following buttons:
      • Computer
      • Hard Drive
      • Documents
      • Programs
      • DVD Drive
      • Removable Media Drive
    • Create at least 20 thumbnails for each Desktop Button
    • In Class Critique prior to choosing the final button
    • Create each final Desktop Button in Illustrator and Label each
  7. Create an Visual Layout Presentation
    1. Project will be outlined in class
  8. A Project Darkly
    Refer to hand out and CD
  9. Self Portrait
    1. Start with a photograph
    2. Create outlines on various layers
    3. Add gray scale values
    4. Exchange gray scale for colors

Minor Projects:

Minor projects will be given throughout the term.

Software we will use: