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Gary Scott Jones, Instructor

All assignments must labeled as follows: YourName_TitleOfAssignment_Date. Any assignment that is not properly labeled will not be counted as turned in.

Attendance Policy

Participation in all each class is essential. Our class discussions are the most vital element of this course. I will be deducting points from students who are not active participants in our daily activities.

Attendance of all classes is Mandatory. There are no "excused absences". Every day missed must be made up by either completing the in-class work, whenever applicable, or completing one of the following:

  1. Additional concert report/museum visit- 1 per missed class (maximum of 2)
  2. Research paper of a musician/band/artist
    • 1 1/2 - 2 pages plus works cited page
    • Single-Spaced
    • Presenting at least 10 facts about the musician/band
    • Discuss the music - include audio examples on cd, mp3 player, or on-line
    • Works cited page
Each absence that is not maded up will lowere the final grade by 6%. 

Please refer to the following link for any attendance questions:


Cell Phone Policy

Celular phones are not be used during class time. If an emergency call must be taken, politely remove yourself from class and inform me if you need to be dismissed from class for the day. It is your responsibility to find out what materials you missed. Use of cell phones in class will result in a final grade reduction of 3%.

Laptop Computer Policy

Laptops will sedemly be used during class. All notes are expected to be taken on paper. Laptops may be allowed during group sessions upon approval. The use of social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flicker, etc.) during class time is strictly prohibitted and will result in a final grade reduction of 3%.

Plagiarism Policy

Any instance of direct plagiarism - Definition will result in a 0% credit for the coresponding assignmnet.

Works Cited Guidlines


Groups will be chosen in class. If difficulties arise due to lack of participation from a member of your group please communicate with me so that conflicts can be resolved without a penaty to the grades of those who are working together.

Remember that someone is paying for your experienc here in one way or another. Please don't waste your time or resources.