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Standing In the Shadows of Motown

This film is presented in context of a Music Appreciation course at Edison Community College. This web page is used for instructional purposes only.

Questions about the film:

After listening to the music examples in the film, describe the Motown sound.
What music do you enjoy listening to normally?
How is the sound of Motown similar and/or different from what you normally listen to?

Imagine you are a musician similar to one of the Funk Brothers:

How do you think you would feel if your career had taken a similar path?
More questions will follow these. Please come back for the remaining questions.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Check out bob Babbitt's website.

This is the song, with a bass solo by Bob Babbitt, that is referenced in the film by Ralphe Armstrong.