Sonata #1 for Trombone and Piano

I. Poverty

II. Innovation

III. Hope

Final DMA Recital at West Virginia University Playlist

1. Larsson Concertino III. Allegro giocoso

2. Leopold Mozart Concerto II. Adagio

3. A Moment: Negro Spiritual Medley (trombone quartet)

Durban, South Africa July, 2012

This video was taken in Durban, South Africa during the graduation celebration for the Wright-LEAD Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute in July 2012. I was having fun with the high school learners that we had the pleasure of working with for about two weeks.


Used. Gently recycled.

Holding barely more than a few bits of ideas jotted down for practice. But never a substantial commitment.

Crumpled up and tossed aside when the time comes for an actual draft.

Colors and value fade with time and entropy. The never ending struggle for belonging in a world that no longer has room for who you once were.

You are already dedicated. Your talents are purposed. You are a beautiful creature, given the unique purpose of exposing the artist to her deeper thoughts. The place where conscious decisions only crowd progress.

You are precious. Offered as tribute to the gods.

You are life's breadth. Your words, those scribbles, have the power to save worlds.

Uncrimp your tattered corners. Unhinge your leaves. Feel your freshly fallen contours. Know that you are more than you will ever know.

For you are the essence of potential. You are boundless creativity. Not restrained by time and space. You are the stuff love is realized on. You are the essence of causation.

Believe in your unending stride for perfection. Believe in the beauty that you are.

Believe in you.


G. Scott Jones

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